Month: December 2017

From Their Romania to Our Romania

The developments within the internal and international political life in 2017, the attitudes and behavior of the Romanian political leaders at the end of 2017, the hopes and dreams of Romanians after December 22, 1989, as well as those unforgettable moments of December 1989, represented the theme of a new Agenda Săptămânală broadcast on December 27, 2017, entitled From Their Romania to Our Romania, presented by journalist and foreign politics analyst Col. (r) Ion PETRESCU Ph.D. with the participation of the president of AESGS “Gheorghe I. Brătianu,” Constantin CORNEANU...

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Changing a world: The Romanian Revolution of December 1989

In the context of the anniversary of 28 years from the onset and unfolding of the Romanian Revolution of December 1989, the president of the AESGS “Gheorghe I. Brătianu” (The ”Gheorghe I. Brătianu” European Association of Geopolitical and Strategic Studies), Constantin CORNEANU Ph.D., took part in a debate organized by journalist George POPESCU at Radio România Actualități, within the Probleme la zi broadcast, on December 22, 2017, during the 13.20 – 14.00 time interval, along with historian Florian BANU Ph.D. from CNSAS (National Council within the Study of the Securitate Files) and Sorin MEȘTER, secretary of state for the...

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